Professionals, technology, sustainability: these are the three pillars on which 8&partners bases its approach to design. And "Make Smarter Construction" becomes the target for an engineering firm which wants to transform ideas in projects, looking for smart solutions, useful to customer.

8&partners was founded in 2002. The goal, from the beginning, was to create a multidisciplinary team capable of a highly innovative projects. The team is always the same: 10 architects and engineers with different skills who follow the project development and the construction closely. People are a priority for us. An engineering firm produces ideas that the project make them possible.

Make Smarter Construction wants to point out the importance that the role of the technological innovation plays in the architectural design, looking for smart solutions to answer to the customer requirements.

Our engineering firm deals with sustainable building design, not only saving energy, but thinking the building as an organism and designing the working.

Only by means of a effective management of the construction process, it can ensures that the project becomes a reality. Only a multidisciplinary engineering firm is able to do this, with the respect of time and budget.