The building seismic safety is the first requirement which must be assured when we’re designing a new building or we’re thinking a refurbishment of an existing building.

The recent earthquakes in Italy, have shown that on this issue we need to do a lot of work, but also we have to increase the awareness of the importance of prevention.

While for new structures it’s easier to obtain an adequate level of building seismic safety according to the structural codes, for existing buildings the problem solution is more complex.

The difficulty to face building seismic safety theme is often due to the high refurbishment costs.

For this reason 8&partners wants to offer professional consulting with high technical skills, based on a deeply knowledge of the codes related to existing building seismic safety and create smart technical solutions.

Smart ideas can realize the conditions for cost-effective refurbishments, not only for an economical advantage, but to assure the safety of people who live or work inside the building.