The project management in Italy can become a useful tool for the Client. The project management in Italy can be decisive to transform the method to build in an smart way.

The project management in Italy is an operational instrument rarely used by the client. In most cases, the customer chooses to give up on having effective control of the activities that take place on construction site, transferring all the responsibility to the construction company.

However, the choice to give up the project management in Italy has a number of negative aspects that affect the quality of the work, the respect of the estimated costs and construction time.

8&partners chose instead to raise awareness of the Client on the importance of this professional service, which for the investor, in a very partial point of view, has considered expensive.

The project management in Italy, if done in a professional and qualified way as 8&partner offers, can becomes an essential tool to keep the costs of construction, seek smarter solutions, using the technical knowledge of a professional firm involved to obtain a high quality result.

If the project management in Italy becomes a tool normally used by the Client that invests in the constructions, 8&partners is convinced that this choice can give back strength to the design and budgeting activities and also provide the owner a high quality and smart building.