Which are the requirements of a smart building?

We believe that the requirements should be three.

A smart building must be able to ensure, already during the construction phase, a rational use of construction materials, avoiding waste and allowing a more simple decommissioning at the end of its life cycle.

A smart building must be designed in such a way that guarantees a minimum level of use of energy to assure the design parameters of comfort and a nearly zero energy consumption during its life cycle, limiting the environmental impact and using ecological energy sources.

For this reason, we chose the building bioclimatic balance as a guide for all our design activities.

Finally a smart building must ensure the safety of the people living in it, especially when we consider the seismic actions.

For this reason, in our design solutions, our seismic engineering specialization allows us to use the best structural construction techniques to guarantee a highly efficient anti-seismic behavior of the structure, without compromising the fundamental energy balance.